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Lessons Dutch  "Learn Dutch online with Rozemarijn"

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To all Dutch lessons!

  engelse vlag   Free online YouTube videos: lessons Dutch !

•  Learn Dutch online: words/sentences, grammar and culture

•  Spoken in Dutch: hear the right pronunciation

•  Written in Dutch: see the right spelling

•  With clear, simple English subtitles

Go directly to the Dutch lessons and have fun with the videos "Dutch Online With Rozemarijn" !
kaartje van nederlandse provincies

kaartje van nederland in europa
nederlandse vlag   Gratis online YouTube-filmpjes: Nederlandse les !

•  Nederlands leren online: woorden/zinnen, grammatica en cultuur

•  Nederlands gesproken: hoor de juiste uitspraak

•  Nederlands geschreven: zie de juiste spelling

•  Met duidelijke, eenvoudige Engelse ondertiteling

Ga meteen naar de Nederlandse lessen. Veel plezier met de video's "Nederlands online met Rozemarijn" !

  Some of the reactions:

•  These videos of yours are pure genius!
Mr. Wizard-Knight (dec. 2017)

•  It's amazing - I'm really thankful to you! You make a lot of work for that. And so helping; afterwards I'm feeling without tension.
Abid S (febr. 2016)

•  Seeing your videos is giving me hope that I will someday develop fluency in Dutch or Flemish!
Dominic B (febr. 2016)

•  Heel bedankt Roos, ik vind je lessen beter dan scholen ik ben geweest.
Bave Usseb (nov. 2015)

•  Muchas gracias! You really know how to make it easier!
Raul Hernandez (mei 2015)

•  Awesome lesson! Thanks for speaking so slowly, and for most text being in Dutch - that's super helpful. Fabulous! :D
CapucineFabien (nov. 2014)

•  Absolutely brilliant videos. Lovely voice too!
Spoken Literature (apr. 2014)

•  Wow! This video was amazingly helpful. Thank you for making this! I was pronouncing 'ij' incorrectly for a long time.
DallasisaLeo (mrt. 2014)

•  You are really good. You have the most detailed and structured videos - courses - lessons on youtube.
Nikos Kokkinos (jan. 2014)

•  I am very happy with your course and I find this best on youtube - thanks!
Bave Usseb (jan. 2014)

•  Thank you for all your videos. They are excellent.
leatherdolphin (dec. 2013)

•  I'm a big fan of your Dutch channel! Thank you so much, your lessons are very useful to me.
MyBeauty80 (sept. 2013)

•  Brilliant video. I learned so much because it's all in Dutch.
cornpadhd5 (mrt. 2013)

•  Wow, what great videos!
rainbowneutron (jan. 2013)

•  more reactions

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